No questions around origin. Just as beautiful. A fraction of the cost. 

We are committed to selling engagement rings with social and environmental integrity. We can't be fooled by creative marketing campaigns and clever taglines. We know there is no such thing as an ethical diamond. The processes in place to track diamond origin cannot be controlled or verified and can be easily manipulated to fake authenticity. Even diamonds mined in sub-par social circumstances wreak devastating havoc on the earth as we mine them. Couple this fact with the notion that diamonds aren't any more rare than any other gemstone and their prices are wildly marked up due to another clever marketing plan and product control. It's no wonder this generation of soon-to-be-marrieds are looking for realistic diamond alternatives. There are many alternatives to a diamond, but moissanite takes the cake. Here's why:


A moissanite is a 9.25 on the MOHs hardness scale. A diamond is a 10. It's much higher than any other gemstone available, which makes it the most durable diamond alternative on the market. Your moissanite will withstand daily wear without scratching. 


Brilliance measures how light is dispersed through the stone, otherwise known as "sparkle". A moissanite is more brilliant than a diamond. That's right- a moissanite will sparkle more than any diamond. Isn't that why most people get a diamond in the first place?


Colorless or near-colorless diamonds will cost you an arm and a leg. So, to afford a larger size stone, most people compromise on color resulting in lots of warm-toned diamonds on the market. Moissanites are all colorless or near-colorness, without the hefty extra charge. 

Harro Gem Custom Cut Moissanites

Harro Gem Moissanites come in many more shapes and cuts than Charles & Colvard's Forever One Moissanites. We are happy to bring to you many other types of cuts and shapes to suit your individual style preference including crushed ice cut moissanites and antique cut moissanites (otherwise known as old mine cut moissanites) as well as the ever popular brilliant cut moissanites. These cuts are the most realistic on the market, truly competing with natural diamonds in look, durability and cost. 

Our crushed ice line maximizes sparkle and brilliance by cutting the stone with a magnitude of small facets for a crushed up continuous sparkle. The crushed ice cut can be applied to the following shapes:

Cushion | Radiant | Oval | Pear

    Our antique cut (or otherwise known as old mine cut) is made of up chunkier cuts so give larger flashes of light and an old world feel. The antique cut can be applied to the following shapes:
    Round | Cushion | Oval
    Our brilliant cut moissanite is meant to maximize fire and brilliance, unlike a diamond which is cut to maximize carat weight. The brilliant cut can be applied to the following shapes:
    Round | Cushion | Oval | Radiant | Pear | Marquise