We are revolutionizing the way you get engaged. Gone are the days of guessing, asking around and relying on Pinterest boards. Our innovative approach combines the best of both online and in-store shopping. We've launched a brand new way to shop together, without ruining the surprise, using our engagement ring registry and a home try-on program to give you the most realistic preview available on the market. 

Proudly crafting the safest rings on the market.

In an effort to help our planet and promote fair trade, we are dedicated to providing the safest engagement rings on the market. We also craft every ring with recycled precious metals to reduce our impact on the earth. Our rings can be purchased online with moissanites or custom ordered with Diamond Foundry harvested diamonds. Learn more about how we're changing the engagement ring industry from the inside-out. 


Our core values drive every aspect of our business operations including our sourcing principles, product design, production, how we treat our employees and most importantly, how we treat you, our valued clients.

It is our passion for quality, people and the environment that drives our success. Our passion for quality is what drives our work ethic and creativity. 


We hope that, with our innovative approach to engagement ring shopping, we will create an inclusive sales cycle by creating a holistic process where both the bride and the groom are involved. 


It is only when we are given the opportunity to take control of our unique positions, that we can realize our potentials and harness our internal driving force to make real change.