What to do if you hate your engagement ring

FIRST OF ALL: DON'T PANIC! There are ways to get through this, both direct and indirect. We'll cover the typical problems people have with their engagement rings, and ways you can fix it without having to give up the ring that he/she proposed with. 

1. The center stone is the wrong shape: 

Solution: So you wanted a round engagement ring, but you ended up with an oval engagement ring? If you don't want to buy a whole new center stone, you can always add side stones to round out the oval shape to give you the overall shape you're looking for. You can get a wedding band with side stones that wrap around the center stone or you can have the whole thing re-set if you prefer. This will depend on the shape you received and the shape you're trying to achieve. 

2. The setting is the wrong style:

Solution: This one depends on the style you received. It's easiest to solve if you got a solitaire engagement ring. Then, you can just pick out whatever setting you want and keep the stone he/she proposed with. Now, if you got an intricate setting like a vintage or halo style, but you wanted something more simple, you could have the center stone reset and then use the stones and metal from the original ring for your wedding band. Asking to have the center stone re-set is not as scary as asking to buy a whole new ring, especially if he/she has an emotional connection to keeping the stone they proposed with. 

3. The engagement ring metal is the wrong color: 

Solution: You can always have the whole ring re-plated with the color metal you want. If you got yellow gold, but you want white, we can easily rhodium-plate it and it will be good to go! This is a simple fix. 

4. The center stone is too small:

Solution: Add a halo to give the center stone some size, or upgrade your center stone for a larger stone. Most jewelers will accept an upgrade if you can afford the additional cost!

5. The whole thing is wrong: 

Solution: Talk to your significant other and let them know you want to go back to the drawing board and start over. Honesty is always the best policy and you'll make awesome memories designing something special together! Most jewelers can buy the original ring back from you and use as much of the original ring as possible for your new ring to keep the cost down. 

Moral of the story: 

You have options! There are ways to navigate through this without hurting your significant other's feelings. Most of all, if your significant other truly loves you, he/she will only want you to be happy and would be upset if you went through your marriage with a ring you don't love. Don't wait to be able to "afford an upgrade" because you have options now! 

If you have a ring you don't love, send us an email with pictures of what you have and what you want! We'll give you a free assessment and estimate! 

January 20, 2018 by AppsLabz Solutions Collaborator

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