Non-cliche ways to propose on Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day can either be the cutest or the cheesiest day to propose, it all depends on the execution. We've put together 3 great ways to propose on Valentine's Day that maximizes the romance and cuts back on the cliche. (Although we're sure no matter how you ask, he/she will love it).

1. Keep it simple

Sometimes less is more, especially with proposals. There are few things more romantic than asking someone to marry you when they're makeup-free, wearing lounge clothes and stuffing their face with midnight snacks. It shows that you feel happy and content even in the simple parts of your life together. It's a great gesture and to do it right, it's all about the timing. Don't just blurt out the question when they're mid-bite and halfway into the final episode of Stranger Things. Set the stage. Eat your favorite dinner, put on some romantic music and get cozy in front of the fire for wine and dessert. When you feel the time is right, simply segue into how happy you are in your relationship and the life you've created together and then pop the question. It'll be romance novel worthy and she/he will be reliving the moment for years to come! 

2. Surprise vacation

Take a trip to celebrate Valentine's Day. It'll mask your true intentions of proposing. But make sure you go somewhere that represents your relationship. Are you adventurers? Get outdoorsy. Do you like to lounge and sunbathe? Get to the beach. Whatever you decide to do, it should be what you both love to do most. 

3. Love story 

Looking for a unique proposal story that's not the standard treasure hunt or surprise engagement party idea? Look no further. Document your love story in book or film form. Get creative, it can be a comic book, a picture book a poem.. or you can even do a trailer style film or comedy style short if you have the resources to do so. It's personal, it's unique and it's one that will certainly turn heads. 


January 17, 2018 by AppsLabz Solutions Collaborator

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