4 Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

Engagement season is upon us! As we rev up for 2018 proposals, we're seeing a big shift in preference and consumer behavior. While we'll always love the classic looks, there are a few emerging trends that are becoming more mainstream and we expect these styles to be the leading styles of 2018. 

1. East-West Set Engagement Rings 

An easy way to break through the monotony of engagement rings is simple: set it sideways. This look has been around for a little while but we are now starting to see it more widely accepted. This means, there's still time for you to get ahead of the curve and be seen as a trend-setter. We also particularly love this look because the change in perspective can be very flattering on a finger.

2. Three Stone Engagement Rings

The 3-stone ring is a classic style and for good reason: the side stones perfectly balance out the center stone making it appear larger and sparklier. There are endless possibilities and combinations, but we're particularly loving the trellis style three stone for it's low profile.

3. Non-Traditional Halo Engagement Rings

The halo style is a universally loved engagement ring style, there's no disputing that. However, the look has been so over-saturated, we anticipate some brides may not want the same look that every one of her friends has as well. That's why we're predicting a rise in the unique halo look- halos made of oval stones, marquise stones, or a cluster of differently shaped stones. It achieves the same appeal, but breaks through the monotony. 

4. Oversized Diamond-Alternative Engagement Rings

We are seeing a significant shift away from diamonds and towards gemstones like Moissanites, Rubies or Emeralds. While this has been gaining ground for years now, we are finally starting to see it become mainstream. These gemstones are just as beautiful, sufficiently durable, and more environmentally friendly than diamonds (not to mention less expensive). They also satisfy this generation of brides' need to be unique. Lastly, they allow many brides the opportunity to get that BIG ROCK they've always wanted. 


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December 13, 2017 by Ashley Messer

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